About Us

About Us

Surrey LUG (Linux Users' Group) is not a formal club with a defined membership, but is instead a loose collection of individuals with a shared interest in Linux.  "Members" meet online and in person to advance their own knowledge of computers and help others with their computer problems.

To join you merely need to participate, most people start off by subscribing to the mailing list, but equally you can turn up to a Bring-a-Box session or visit us in IRC.

See our Meetings page for details.

Surrey LUG enjoys close links with Hants LUG, with some shared membership and occasional shared events.

Any other questions, please contact the Surrey LUG Mailing List.

Members List

There's currently no full list of SLUG members; however there is a list of people registered on this website and a further list of members who created their own pages on the old wiki. If you wish to be included on the members list, then you will need to register for this site.

Social Media Networks

You can also find Surrey LUG on the following Business Media Networks and Social Media Networks


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