Jay Bennie

Is there anybody out there?


Well I'm a software developer, mostly c# these days - an evolution from delphi, but there's also a fair sprinkling of php as well not to mention all that time with variouse SQL databases i.e. Oracle , MySql and MSSQL. I currently work for 'blah blah i can't tell you' developing bespoke data mining/research models and web applications for investment analysts. I also manage the

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Although my day job has me entrenched in MS technologies, I have always been into Unix/Linux. I first started with Linux 1.0.26 on a i486 SX25 after OS2warp3 kept crashing on me when i was writing reports for uni. Since then(1997/8) I have used Linux for eveything from developing embeded software to running Web Solutions, File Servers and Firewalls. Recently, I picked up a few sparc boxes and a shiny new powerbook :) to replace a host of intel boxes. My gut feeling being that the powerpc architecture will eventually be the most successfull of the 64/32bit archs and from my experience, linux runs like a dream on mac hardware. The Ultra 5's are for learning to develop software on 64bit platforms and to test the mono JIT.


OSX is phenomenal, and anyone who was put off a mac in the past because of the sloppy old macOS, should reconsider. I think Linux vs OSX competition is currently lying in OSX's favor due to the superior graphics/desktop handling on OSX, but recent developments in the Linux world such as Cairo and DirectFB will mean that there will be little between the two in terms of display technology in the next 18-24 months if not sooner. On the server side of things i'd still chose linux - but this is because linux distros conform better to the standard ways of GNU software - this is a preference rather than an assessment based on performance.


However much i like delphi. C# is the future of multi platform desktop software. The mono project will allow the RAD techniques applied to developing windows software to the unix world. C++ and C will always be the first choice for the hardcore developers cutting "real" apps, but for the stuff where time is the critical factor c# IMO is so far the best technology out there.


What a neat language - this is perfect for web applications - although C# is better for web services.


Fine for simple read only non critical systems. Try Postgres if you need ACID capabilities.


If you got the money why not. but your only making you life difficult.


I hope one day to replace all my MSSQL projects with Postgres - but untill then my development tools are so well integrated with this DB i'd be a fool to use anything else.