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I've been using Linux on and off since 1997, and permanently since 2000.


Marcus Cooper


At the moment

Have fun




Debian, Fedora2, FreeBSD, Solaris ... all sorts of Unix in other words :-)




Jay Bennie

Is there anybody out there?


Well I'm a software developer, mostly c# these days - an evolution from delphi, but there's also a fair sprinkling of php as well not to mention all that time with variouse SQL databases i.e. Oracle , MySql and MSSQL. I currently work for 'blah blah i can't tell you' developing bespoke data mining/research models and web applications for investment analysts. I also manage the

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James Firth

IT Consultant and manic advocate of Open Source in professional business solutions.

James Firth runs Dalton Firth Limited, and is currently working on a LAMP oriented knowledge management, workflow, project tracking and executive reporting tool for road maintenance schemes. The tool interfaces with various external data sources, and provides users with a consolidated intranet-based front end.


Ian Watkinson


Technical Architect. What does that mean? Well I try and get teams of techies to all pull in the same direction and work towards a common goal. Security Consultant.

So you're a project manager then?

Nope, PM's are non-technical, they care about resources, you, me, time and milestones and deadlines. I care about delivering something that works, not whether it's on time or to budget :-) I also tend to design the "thing" behind the project. I currently work for a large telecoms company.

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Michael-John Turner, random geek

I'm originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but now living in Surrey. By day I work as an SAP consultant, attempting to use open source wherever I can. By night I play with real computers (no, PeeCees are not real computers) and hack on whatever itch needs to be scratched.

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