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I have been in  IT  since leaving school in 1978 when I started working as a BASIC+ programmer on PDP-11s. After a while I went to Manchester to study computer science where I made contact with UNIX for the first time (1980). I have been a software engineer, sys admin, analyst, project manager and  various types of architect over my career. I came across Linux for the first time when I was looking for a minix system to download so I could practice shell scripting ahead of a job interview in 1992. I got the job! But Linux on the desktop always disappointed and my career took me away from real stuff like software development and hardware support to Solutions Architecture and Visio and MS Word and Powerpoint. But fate has brought me back to Linux The last but one Christmas (December 2008) I was surfing the web and came across Ubuntu Wubi - download and run Linux as an app and don't hose up your windows system doing it. - So I gave it ago. I have not used Windows (Vista) by choice since.
Favourite Linux distribution
Ubuntu 9.10


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