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I'm 60, married, living in Egham, Surrey with my wife and four dogs, Lucky, Woody, Willow and Freddy. I work for a local Aerospace company as an Engineering Manager and fist became interested in Linux about a 12+ years ago when describing to one of my software engineers at work, my troubles with a windows re-activation failure following a motherboard replacement in my home desktop (I bricked it!), He handed me a CD with Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty and said try this. I installed it on my desktop and dual booted XP Pro and Feisty. Things got serious with Linux when I got a Netbook and during the Ubuntu install late one night, I trashed my Win XP home partition (Gparted MMI could have done with some improvements back then!). I've been totally Ubuntu for the last 11 years. 3 Years ago I converted my wife away from Windows 10 to Ubuntu-Mate. Cheers Dave
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Ubuntu Mate 19.10 Desktop, Laptop.


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