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I am an experienced electronic designer, mainly of analogue silicon integrated circuits and have worked over a period of many years mainly in the employment of Philips, Motorola and Xilinx. My education has been typically long the lines of Physics and Mathematics and indeed was designing electronic circuitry even well before I reached the age of 10 years and at that time I visited the Festival of Britain exhibition and was totally enthralled with all sorts of physical demonstrations. My education includes a London degree in Physics and Mathematics - that was a long time ago. My curiosity remains unabated and I now devote much effort to the whole business of putting Linux on the Desktop for other people. I feel very proud to be an active member of the open source community. Of course, I have not myself used M$ for many years and indeed as I have been using computers since the early 70's I have only been used to real systems and the sort of programs that I have been using, for example the Cadence suite do only run on Unix. At present my normal working machine is a dual core Atom in a very diminuitive Mini-ITX box. Of course being a very practical sort of person I have essentially rebuilt my house using my own hands and do use many tools in the process and of course wiring and plumbing are extremely easy, just know the required rules - they are mostly common sense anyway.
Favourite Linux distribution
I work with a number of distributions but my main one is Mandriva. I subscribe to Mandriva and find that because the DVD is so complete I can do an installation for strangers quite efficiently and can cover all their needs with very few further visits to add some special programs., Am now also working with OpenSolaris.


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