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I am a linux systems administrator (well i also admin some windows systems but to embarrassed to admit it). I first discovered linux in 2000, when i bought my first pc (Pentium 100, 75 megs of ram and 2 gig harddrive that made a noise like crazy). I was getting really bored with windows, when chatting to a friend over a campfire, he suggested linux. The only copy he had was a redhat 6.2 cd, I installed it and in the process of installing i "by mistake" wiped windows, so, it stayed on. When having a braai at a friends place, i was speaking to his dad about linux (spreading the word and all that) and he suggested FreeBSD, i cut a copy off him and installed it, played with it and loved it. Ever since then FreeBSD has been my Desktop OS (either dual booting linux and FreeBSD or BSD by itself)
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linux: Ubuntu and gento at home and redhat at work., Unix: FreeBSD, opensolaris


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