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Bought first PC from newly-opened PC World in Croydon in early 1990s: learned about MSdos by trial and error; used dial-up Newsgroups; upgraded components to try then-new Windows; and so on. Upon retirement worked as a volunteer with Mid Hants Railway (steam); invited 1998 to create website; sole webmaster until retirement 2009 with over 10 million hits a month at peak. Introduced to Linux at PC Users Group meeting in mid-2000s by speaker Desmond Armstrong, whom you know. Tried it but gave up when unable to use programs I preferred for html and graphics editing. Had another go at using Ubuntu when web-editing was no longer a priority and now 100% Ubuntu 11.04 on my home-built PC.
Favourite Linux distribution
Ubuntu 10.10 whilst first learning Linux, now (2011) 11.04


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